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1.  is an electro pop rock band based in NYC, which blends a score of melodic vocals, airy synths with a dynamic low-end pulse

2. is the state of human life at its best and most vigorous


PRIME is a NYC based duo comprised of songwriter and vocalist, Paul Benedict, and songwriter and instrumentalist, Bryan Christopher. Paul is also the web/graphic artist and manager of the band, producing the visual aesthetics (Web, Photos, and Videos) that depict PRIME’s music and lifestyle. PRIME blends a score of melodic vocals and airy synths with a dynamic low end pulse.


Paul and Bryan first met in 2010, when Paul was holding open guitar auditions for his earlier project - Dexter’s Kin. In 2011, they self-released their first album, including the single, “Spill Out The Lies,” which garnered 125,000 plays on YouTube. Paul and Bryan continued playing establishments across the Tri-State area, and in 2014, they set out to refine and strengthen their vision by creating PRIME. That fully realized vision takes its inspiration from the diverse and dynamic atmosphere of the NYC Metropolitan Landscape.


Since then, PRIME has been a featured band in Kings of A&R along with their first release, single “Heartbeat.” In addition, True Blue Magazine, EQ Music, Sugar Bang, and LOFT965 all gave “Heartbeat” great reviews. The songs of their latest EP, due for release in 2016, combine Paul and Bryan’s eclectic musical taste and influences, spanning Pop, Rock, R&B, Electronic, and Dance Music. The driving force for the songs were Paul's “hooky” melodies, to which he matched lyrics reflecting the peaks and valleys of his personal relationships.


The songs were produced by Natasha Knight (Jane Blaze) of Frequency Fusion Productions and mixed by Grammy Award winner Ken Lewis (Fun., Bruno Mars, and Kanye) and Ben Lindell (50 cent, Kelly Rowland, and MGMT). The songs are mastered at Sterling Sound by Senior Mastering Engineer, Tom Coyne (Taylor Swift, Sam Smith, and Ariana Grande).



Born and raised on the eastern border of New York City, Bryan Christopher is the instrumentalist and songwriter for PRIME. Bryan was first introduced to music in grade school where he proved to be a very gifted saxophonist. He began experimenting with songwriting after teaching himself the piano. A few years later, he discovered his main affection - the guitar. His favorite axe is the Gibson Firebird.


A stroke of fate led Bryan into the music industry full-time, when he was forced to quit university. His love for music was reinvigorated, and he strove to perfect his craft. He joined forces with Paul in 2010, and the two created PRIME in early 2014.


Top influences include: Jeff Buckley, Bach, John Lennon, Slash, Billy Joel, and George Gershwin.

Paul Benedict, the vocalist and songwriter for PRIME, was born in The Philippines and raised in New York City. Paul is of Filipino, Chinese, and Spanish descent. He has always seen himself as a "citizen of the world," a world that holds music as its common language. He is eternally grateful to the people that have allowed his music to become his PRIME mode of expression.

He began singing at age 3 and playing the piano at age 7. His natural talent got him enlisted in many musicals throughout his youth, culminating in his admission to the acclaimed LaGuardia High School of Performing Arts. After high school, Paul attended college and began pursuing his dream. In 2010, he collaborated with Bryan Christopher on their aforementioned first album, and in early 2014, on the creation of PRIME. Without financial backing and a creative team, Paul left his 9-5 paying job as a Web and Graphic Designer and devoted his full energy toward managing the band and producing the visual aesthetics (Web, Photos, and Videos) that best depicted PRIME’s music and lifestyle.


Top influences include: Thom Yorke, Freddie Mercury, Paul McCartney, Matthew Bellamy, and Michael Jackson.

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